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Credit cards are a convenient way to make immediate payments for any expense, in a cashless manner. Thanks to credit cards, you can fulfil your needs even if you don’t have ready cash on hand. There is no need to put off for later what you want to buy now. It could be buying the latest mobile phone, booking airline tickets for your upcoming holiday, paying for dinner at a classy restaurant with your family or friends or even buying your monthly groceries. Just swipe the card now and clear your credit card bill later as per your convenient. Choose from Axis Bank’s list of credit cards and apply for the one best suited for your needs and lifestyle.


Axis Bank Credit Cards are specially designed keeping in mind the various uses and lifestyles customers may adhere to. With exclusive benefits on transaction for food, travel, e-commerce and or a combination of these.
Some advantages of Axis Bank credit cards include:
  • Complementary flight tickets.
  • Discounts on movie tickets.
  • Waiver of fuel surcharges.
  • Access to airport lounges.
  • Discounted deals on hotel bookings and restaurant orders.
  • Cashback and Rewards on online shopping.


To be eligible for a credit card with Axis Bank:
  • You must be over 18 years of age.
  • You must be a resident of India.
  • In case you are the primary card holder, you must have a regular source of income.
While these are the general conditions to avail of a credit card additional criteria may exist depending upon the type of credit card you choose. You can browse through the list of Credit Cards offered by Axis Bank here and apply for one that best suits your needs.


  • Passport size photo (coloured)
  • Proof of address (electricity bill, ration card)
  • Photo ID Proof (driving licence, voter ID)
  • A signed consent form.


Instant discounts on movies, food delivery and online shopping, convert purchases to EMI, complimentary access to airport lounge, and much more benefits of MY ZONE Credit Card.


A credit card designed to benefit you on every fuel transaction. Enjoy accelerated reward points and surcharge waiver at fuel outlets. Get instant discount on your movie tickets booked via Bookmyshow website/app.


Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card unlocks a world where it rains cashback with every transaction. With accelerated cashback across all your favourite categories including travel, shopping, entertainment and lifestyle, there’s no limit to what you can earn with this card.
Now that you know which credit card suits your needs the best, below are the details for each of these credit cards:
Sr. No
Card Name
Key Offering
Rewards Point
Annual Fee
Joining Fee
MY ZONE Axis Card
Get SonyLiv Premium annual subscription worth Rs.999 on your first spend within first 30 days of card issuance.
Annual Benefit worth Rs 11559.
  • 40% off on Swiggy
  • Buy One Get One Free on movie tickets
IndianOil Axis Card
Enjoy benefit of 1% value back on online shopping by earning 5 reward points per INR 100 spent.
53 Litres Free Fuel Annually.
  • Enjoy Fuel surcharge waiver
  • Instant discount on BookMyShow
Flipkart Axis Card
Rs 1100 worth of joining and activation benefits on your Flipkart Axis Bank Credit card.
  • 5% cashback on Flipkart & Myntra.
  • Get 1% fuel surcharge waiver on fuel purchases at all fuel stations across India. 
Rs. 500
Rs. 500


A credit card is a financial product provided by banks and financial institutions that enables customers to make purchases of goods and services within a predefined credit limit. The credit limit is determined by the issuing bank or financial institution.

A credit card enables customers to make purchases of goods and services using the credit extended to them by the bank or financial institution. In contrast, a debit card allows customers to withdraw funds or make purchases using the funds available in their savings or current account. With a credit card, the customer can spend up to the approved credit limit, whereas a debit card is limited to the amount deposited in the associated account.

A credit card has the following features:

  • Universal Acceptability: Credit cards are widely accepted by merchants and service providers, allowing customers to make purchases or payments almost anywhere.

  • No Expenditure Cap: There is typically no predefined spending limit on credit cards, allowing customers to make purchases of any amount (up to their approved credit limit).

  • Annual Fee: While some credit cards may be issued without an annual fee, those with higher credit limits or additional benefits often come with an annual fee that needs to be paid by the cardholder.

  • EMI Options: Outstanding amounts on credit cards can be repaid in installments using the Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) facility. This provides customers with flexibility in managing their repayment obligations.

  • Cash Limit: In addition to the credit limit, credit cards may also provide a separate cash limit. This enables cardholders to withdraw cash from ATMs or obtain cash advances, up to the specified cash limit.

There are a lot of benefits that come with a credit card:

  • Easy Payments: Credit cards provide a convenient and hassle-free way to make payments for dining out, traveling expenses, utility bills, and shopping. They can be used both online and offline, offering flexibility and accessibility.

  • Building Credit Score: Timely repayments on credit card bills contribute to building and maintaining a good credit score. A positive credit history can help individuals qualify for other types of loans, such as mortgages or car loans, at favorable interest rates and terms.

  • Rewards and Cashbacks: Credit card purchases often come with attractive offers, discounts, and cashback rewards. Cardholders can earn points, miles, or cashback on their spending, which can be redeemed for various benefits such as travel discounts, merchandise, or statement credits.

  • Enhanced Credit Limit: With a good credit history and responsible credit card usage, cardholders may be eligible for an increased credit limit. This allows individuals to have greater purchasing power and flexibility when using their credit cards.

EMI, or Equated Monthly Installment, is a fixed monthly payment that includes both the principal amount and interest on a credit card’s outstanding balance. It is divided equally over a pre-determined tenure, allowing cardholders to repay the total amount in manageable monthly installments.

Self-employed or salaried individuals with a stable income can apply for a credit card if they are at least 23 years old and possess a positive credit record.

You need the following documents to apply for any credit card:

  • PAN Card
  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Voters Id
  • AADHAAR Card 
You may pay your credit card bills through net banking, NEFT/RTGS, debit card transfer, cash payment, cheque payment, DD etc.

You must consider the following before taking a credit card:

  • Credit Card’s purpose
  • Ratings and reviews of the particular credit card
  • Number of credit cards you are currently using, there must not be more than 3
  • Existing loan or EMIs to be paid
  • Credit Card’s interest rate
  • Customer support system and grievance solving
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